Thursday, May 6, 2010

Deeper Thoughts of Society

Picture yourself walking down a busy street in New York City. The sun is shining, the birds are cherping, and you hear a newspaper stand owner yelling out to potential customers. Next you take a walk though Central park, there are hundreds of people of all ages there, it's a nice break from the busy streets of the inner city. Sounds like a pretty good day right? Well it all has to do with your thought process. There are many different ways to think about a day like this.
Think about all the people you saw. Did they seem Happy? Rushed? Relaxed? Perhaps angry. Now think to yourself, do you really care about how they felt or why they felt that way? Most people will answer no, and that's ok, deep down people often don't take time to understand how people feel and why.
If you take a moment or two and think about how people as a whole act, you'll realize we're not as sophisticated as you might think. If you believe in evelution, you'll know that we evolved from monkeys, to bacically cavemen. Since then we have changed into a society of self governed human beings, who walk around all day trying to make their lives better for themselfs. If they have to knock people out of they way to prosper, than so be it. Survival of the fittest I suppose.
Now this may seem rather sophisticated, but let me break it down. We are somewhat self governed, basically people do what they want as long as they don't get caught. We also don't have a problem with prospering from someone else's failure. It's a shameful system, but that's the way it is. If you think closely about todays society as I have described it, how are we any different from say, a caveman wearing nice clothes?
Today's generation is focused only on gradification, everyone wants to be the best. Everyone wants the fastest car, the most expensive clothes and homes. It's no different from when the cave men discovered fire. One man will always want the warmer fire, it seems to be a continuing trait that is extreamly contagious. The biggest problem with gradification is that soon enough, it will lose it's potency. Cars can only go so fast, houses can only structurally be build so high, and fire can only burn so hot. Man has already started to sruggle for satisfaction, and I pray that I am dead before man can no longer find satisfaction.
At one point in my life, I believed that if the world continued like this, everyone would be wealthy, but it's completely untrue. The richest man in the world couldn't care less about the hungry and the homeless. Soon enough, wealth will only count for the amonth of money you have, all rich men are poor in charater and principles.
So ask yourself again, after considering all of the above, does this sound like a good day, did you still enjoy yourself knowing that deep down, once those people around you were out of sight, they no longer exested?

What a sad world we live in.

Hayden Vachon

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